All-inclusive sailing trips for family & friends or with your organization

Maritime events

Your marketing or business event or company outing organized in a new way

You are probably familiar with some of the many nautical events: Sail Royal Greenwich, Tall Ships Race, Sail Amsterdam, DelfSail, Sail de Ruyter, Kiel Week, Hafengeburtstag Hamburg, Hanse Sail Rostock, Sail Bremerhaven, Brest… The image of a harbour filled with ships, from small vessels to imposing Tall Ships from all over the world. The busy activity on the water and the happy faces of the people aboard the ships. Whether you are into sailing or not, the informal, cheerful and festive atmosphere during these events is hard to resist. Whichever way you look at it, spending a day on the water is relaxing, even, or maybe particularly when you’re actively sailing. Add hospitality and excellent catering and you’ve got the perfect day for a marketing or business event or company outing.

With her stunning looks the Avatar will be a welcome guest at nautical events. The vast experience of André and the crew will guarantee you a fantastic day.

If you are interested in booking the Avatar for your marketing or business event or company outing, please contact us or fill out the request form.

Veranstaltungen mit Tall Ship Avatar